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When I was in elementary school, I sold pencil portraits of athletes and musicians and hand-made hair bows to friends. I sewed my Barbie’s clothing and made her appliances out of shoebox cardboard. As I got older, I was always “editing” my own clothes and shoes or just plain making something.

Too practical to go into the fine arts (that’s for my retirement), I decided to become a graphic designer with a wonderful design education from Ringling School of Art & Design. After college, I applied my talent, skills and hard work for the next 12+ years within various design groups like Cartoon Network’s in-house digital design studio where I was senior designer then art director and CIMstudio, Cox Interactive Media’s in-house design agency where I started as a designer and quickly moved into a senior designer role. I learned how to make a brand successful online and offline designing identities, websites, user-interfaces, advertisements and illustrations.

I’ve always freelanced. It was sort of my hobby from the moment I graduated college until, of course, I decided to have a baby. Then I found another hobby. However, I still loved working directly with individuals and small businesses. So in 2011, I gave up being an employee so that I could pursue my dream of becoming a full-time freelancer while being flexibly available to my family.  Here I am.

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Leyda Vega Hughes - Branding / Design