Commonly Asked Questions

[krown_accordion] [krown_accordion_section title=”How Do I Book Your Time?”]

Step 1Meet Before deciding to work together, we’ll chat via phone or Skype to make sure we’re a match.

Step 2 – Scope & Propose Once I have a clear understanding of your needs, I will send you a proposal. If everything looks good to you, I require a signed copy of the proposal.

Step 3 – Payment I begin work upon receipt of 50% of the project total.

Step 4 – Project Completion When you are happy with the work we’ve done, I require the final balance of the project total.  Upon receipt of final payment, I deliver final artwork and/or launch your website.

[/krown_accordion_section] [krown_accordion_section title=”What form of payment do you accept”]

I accept check and Paypal.[/krown_accordion_section] [/krown_accordion]

Website Design FAQ

[krown_accordion] [krown_accordion_section title=”How long does it take to get a website made?”]

Here is a rough timeline. Swift decision-making can expedite a launch:
• Determine your needs, procure a theme (1-2 weeks)
• Present & consider design options. Homepage + 1 subpage (1-2 weeks)
• Create a shell of your new site including all subpages (1-2 weeks)
• Make edits to pages (1 week)
• Client enters data/learns WordPress (1-2 weeks)
• Launch (1 day)

[/krown_accordion_section] [krown_accordion_section title=”Where will my new website live while we are working on it?”]

Most often, I will make a subdirectory on your current website and put up a privacy screen so only you can see it. [/krown_accordion_section] [krown_accordion_section title=”Do you have a host provider recommendation?”]

There are providers who specialize in WordPress hosting. BlueHost & WPEngine receive good ratings.  I’ve had good experiences with GoDaddy as an affordable alternative, especially now that they offer Managed WordPress Plans (keep reading for more on this).  This website is hosted with MediaTemple.

Equally important to the hosting provider, is the plan you choose. I HIGHLY recommend you choose a MANAGED WORDPRESS PLAN. It will serve as your own IT department. Most high quality hosts now provide them and it means your WordPress site will get automatically updated when the software releases updates (this can be as often as weekly). Keeping your WordPress software up to date is crucial to avoid hacks. Hackers love WordPress as much as good-intentioned people do so you must stay current.

[/krown_accordion_section] [krown_accordion_section title=”Is data entry included in the price of my website?”]

No. As we near the completion of your website, I will supply you with a shell of your designed site with dummy copy or copy that you supply to me. I have clients fine tune copy.  This serves two purposes. It helps us both test live versions of the pages before going public and it provides a safe playground for you to learn how to make your own edits while we are still working together. I suggest giving yourself a full week to get comfortable with editing.[/krown_accordion_section] [krown_accordion_section title=”I’m new to WordPress. Is that OK?”]

WordPress isn’t hard but it takes practice getting used to if you are new to the process.  I like holding my clients hand as they get comfortable with their new website. So, when I am ready to have you edit your own pages, we’ll have a couple 30-45 min walk-thru session teaching you the ins and out of your site via Skype/Google Hangout or in person if you are in Atlanta.[/krown_accordion_section] [/krown_accordion]