My studies at General Assembly kicked off with a project dedicated to solving one problem for one person. We were given our user and our mission was to hone in on one of their existing problems and then create an app for it. We were to apply the entire UX process for this 1 week sprint.

The User/The Problem

Robbie is a true free-spirit. Being a natural risk-taker, Robbie could use some help reigning in his “just-do-it” tendencies and since he can sometimes get caught up in the moment, he doesn’t hesitate before jumping all-in for whatever excitement life may bring.

Solution: V.1
A decision making app

Was my bias getting in the way?

After interviewing my user, I brainstormed many ideas and performed a comparative analysis of apps that might already be solving this problem. After testing comparable apps dedicated to decision-making and evaluating pros and cons, I looked for ways to personalize a more unique solution to fit Robbie’s personality and needs more closely than apps already on the market. I went back to my user and interviewed him again. I realized my bias was getting in the way. It had become more clear, that this impulsive personality would never benefit from an app that was user-initiated. I went back to the drawing board. Literally.

Through my interviews, I learned that my user had a close relationship with his granddad. This gave me the idea of a sage. Wise advice from a non-judgemental source that would volunteer advice and not wait to be asked. In order for this app to be successful the tone had to be friendly, light and not nagging.

Solution: V.2
An app that anticipates naughty impulses!


Meet Good Angel
The app that tames your inner devil

Good Angel acts like the little voice in your head, chiming in when your horns are about to poke out. Good Angel will offer you wise suggestions, scientific tidbits and inspirational quotes to help influence your overall decision-making and outlook based on your personal demons at key moments.

User Flow

Pop Paper Prototype

Storyboard Sketches

storyboard sketches

Lo-Fidelity Prototype: Paper, Pencil, Pop App

storyboard sketches

Hi-Fidelity Prototype: Axure & Illustrator

Narrated walk-thru of my hi-fidelity prototype & process.