Research. Personas. Interviews.


Brainstorm. Whiteboard. Sketch.


User Tasks. Userflows. Wireframes.


User-testing.  Refine.  Repeat.


Hi-fidelity. Pixel-perfect. Beautiful.


Hi! I’m Leyda.

When I was a kid, I sold sketch portraits and hand-made hair bows to friends. I sewed my Barbie’s clothing and made her appliances out of shoebox cardboard. As I got older, I was always editing my own clothes and shoes or just plain making something.

Too practical to be a fine artist, I decided to become a graphic designer with a wonderful design education from Ringling College of Art & Design. After many lead designer roles, I realized something was missing. Visual Design and art direction in the digital space can be an arbitrary task if you don’t have the right processes to check yourself against. I knew UX was something I’d need to dive into at a deeper level but I placed a little bookmark on that goal so that I could pursue my dream of freelancing full-time while my son was young–I always had a side gig going. So, I set up shop at Atlanta Tech Village and had a good run but then UX was STILL calling to me. I answered the call. I signed up for General Assembly’s UX career accelerator program. It was my missing puzzle piece. Passion re-ignited. Here I am.


Download My PDF Resume